SHANKS FOR SENATE

A Message from Fred Fred Shanks

Dear Friend:

I am seeking the nomination to the seat of 19th District of the Senate of Virginia. I want to serve you, and I need your help. The primary election is Tuesday, November 23rd to elect the person who will run against Chatham attorney Henry Davis in January to fill Robert Hurt’s soon to be vacated seat in the Virginia Senate.

Next Tuesday, all eligible voters in the City of Danville, Pittsylvania County, Franklin County and the southern portion of Campbell County may vote, but on that day, they must vote at one of six locations – one in Danville, two in Pittsylvania County, two in Franklin County, and one in Campbell County, and they must vote between the hours of 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM. This is what is referred to as a “Firehouse Primary.”

Running for the Senate of Virginia is an honor that I never believed would present itself; however, I am certain that I have the qualifications, experience, fiscal responsibility, and dedication to serve our region well. I am attaching some information for your review.

My beliefs are simple. I am a strong proponent of regional cooperation. Through my work as a member of Danville City Council, the Danville-Pittsylvania Regional Industrial Facility Authority and the Danville-Pittsylvania County Metropolitan Planning Organization, I have seen and experienced the results that can be achieved through municipalities working together. 

Since my election in 2008, despite being in a recession, our southside region has seen more than a $436 million dollar investment and 1280 jobs announced over the past 3 years, and these numbers do not include the development of the 3700 acre regional Mega Park currently being designed and marketed by Pittsylvania County and the City of Danville. This regional cooperation model developed by these two municipalities can be used as an example to follow all across the 19th District. 

I believe in the principles of our founding fathers, many of whom were Virginians. These principles have served our country well, making the United States a world leader for over 230 years. I feel very strongly that States rights, limited government, low taxes and fewer government regulations are essential to private sector job creation, which drives our economy.

I pledge to be dedicated to and work very hard for these principles and the citizens of the 19th Seantorial District. I hope you will help me to do just that. Please vote Shanks for Senate.

Best Regards,

Fred O. Shanks, III, P.E.

Voting locations (November 23):

For Danville City voters:                                                “The Forum”, 625 Piney Forest Road.

For Southern Pittsylvania County voters:                        Blairs Volunteer Fire Department

    For voters who normally vote in the following precincts - Twin Springs Elementary School, Chatham, Tunstall High 
    School, West Blairs, Callands Fire, Climax Ruritan, Central-Chatham High School, East Blairs-SSEC, Keeling Fire 
    Department, Kentuck, Ringgold Vol. Fire, Union Hall Elementary School, Stony Mill, Swansonville, Whitmell, 
    Brosville Elementary School, Dry Fork Vol. Fire, Bachelors Hall, Ferry Road, Mt. Hermon and Mt. Cross

For Northern Pittsylvania County voters:                        Gretna Volunteer Fire Department

    For voters who normally vote in the following Precincts - Sandy Level, Gretna High School, Riceville, Mt. Airy, 
    Gretna Elementary School, Hurt Elementary School, Motley Sycamore, and Renan Vol. Fire Department

For Western Franklin County voters:                                Rocky Mount Old Supervisors Room

    For voters who normally vote in the following Precincts - Snow Creek, Dickenson, Penhook, Fork Mountain, Sontag,
    Henry, Ferrum, Endcott, Waidsboro, Callaway, Bowmans, Gogginsville, Boones Mill, Rocky Mount East,
    Rocky Mount West, and Rocky Mount South

For Eastern Franklin County voters:                                Scruggs Volunteer Fire Department

    For voters who normally vote in the following Precincts - Burnt Chimney, Scruggs, Glade Hill, Hodgesville, Dudley, and
    Coppers Cove

For Southern Campbell County voters:                            Gospel Light Baptist Church

    For voters who normally vote in the following Precincts - Evington, Lynch Station, Altavista, Three Forks, Courthouse, 
    Yellow Branch, Brookneal, Gladys, Morris Church



Dedicated to limited government, low taxes and fewer government regulations

which are essential to private sector job creation that  drives our economy.

Authorized by Friends for Fred Shanks, 509 Loyal Street, Danville, VA 24541, John R. Shanks, Treasurer
Copyright 2010 Committee to Elect Fred Shanks